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Charolais International Youth Program

Charolais International voted unanimously at the 2017 Annual General Meeting to implement a Youth Program. Youth from various countries have traveled outside their borders in the past, but it was felt youth would benefit from meeting at a common location in the world annually for leadership and educational opportunities.

It is hoped that countries without youth programs may find this helpful to model start-up programs. Countries

with youth programs will have opportunities to trade ideas to enhance their programs. Countries without youth programs are welcomed to host the Charolais International Youth Program providing they plan educational and social activities focusing on Charolais.

Guidelines of the Program

  • maximum of two participants per country per year (to be set by the host country)

  • age to be determined by the host country, but the Charolais International recommends young adults who are able to travel unattended

  • names must be submitted by the home country’s association

  • Charolais International will pay half of one participant’s expenses (travel, accommodation, registration) to a maximum of 1000€

  • home associations or individual participants will be expected to pay or fundraise the remaining half

  • money will not be paid until after the event

  • the home association shall submit an invoice to the Charolais International treasurer for payment

  • delegates shall be full participants, but where there are prizes awarded, international guests will not compete for prizes

  • only countries with paid up memberships may participate

  • host countries shall be selected at Charolais International AGMs

  • the event shall focus on developing leadership

  • host countries will provide a protocol of successes and failures of the event that can be passed on to other host countries

Upcoming Programs​​

  • 2024 - Australia


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