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Statutes of Charolais Charbray International

The Association called Federation Internationale des Associations d’éleveurs de La Race Charolais formed on 20 September 1964, in France, between the representatives of Charolais cattle breeder’s organizations and those which have adhered later taken the name of CHAROLAIS INTERNATIONAL. At the 2018 AGM, the name was revised to Charolais Charbray International.
This association is governed by the French Law of July 1st, 1901 and subsequent amendatory laws and by the present statues with the aim of improving breeding methods.

    – To that end, the Association has its objects:
    a) to exchange the results of mutual experiences in the field of all breeding and genomic problems,
    b) to harmonize operating methods in all fields of selection,
    c) to promote the exchange of breeding animals,
    d) to cooperate with organizations for zootechnical research in all countries,
    e) to centralize reciprocal information and to spread it,
    f) to study and if need should be, to conduct propaganda concerning the Charolais breed,
    g) to generally represent the interest of the Charolais breed throughout the world.

 The duration of the Association is fixed at seventy-five years from this day, subject to prorogation or anticipated dissolution.

The Association’s headquarters shall be in Agropole du Marault -58470 Magny-Cours. They can be transferred to any other town in France by a resolution of the Board of Directors and to any other country by a two third majority vote of the members at a General Assembly.

Other non-profit-making national organizations composed of Charolais breeders may become members of this Association. No new member may be admitted except by a two-third majority vote of the members at a General Assembly.

Charolais Charbray International is administered by a Board of Directors composed by member associations. Each association appoints, for each meeting, two delegates. The Board of Directors appoints an Executive Committee composed of an International President, two vice-presidents (one of whom must reside in France) a Secretary and a Treasurer.
The International President will be elected each year, for a maximum of a two-year term. For continuity of the office, the nominee will be appointed one year in advance as First Vice-President.
The International President will be the chair of the next world event (Congress or Technical), the 1st Vice-President will be the chair of the following world event, the 2nd Vice-President will be from France.
The secretary and the treasurer of Charolais Charbray International will be elected at each AGM. The secretary and treasurer of Charolais Charbray International will take all direction from the International President.

The International President must authorize all expenditure of Charolais Charbray International.
The Board of Directors will meet on the convocation of the International President once a year with at least a quarter of the administrators, this can be carried out either by a physical meeting or by webinar.

The International President represents the Association. He convenes the meetings, presides over the meetings of the Committee and of the Board and the General Assembly. He has a deciding vote in case of tied votes and signs jointly, with the Secretary, the minutes of the meetings.
The International President, when absent or prevented from attending, is replaced by the first Vice-President or, failing him, the second Vice-President.

The Secretary drafts the minutes of the various meetings, prepares the financial statement with the treasurer and prepares the Association’s work under the direction of the International President, including the publication of a twice-yearly newsletter.

The General Assembly is composed of delegates of all member organizations, each member country being allowed two representatives and each country being allowed two votes only.
In order to make valid decisions, the Ordinary General Assemblies must be composed of at least a quarter of the member organizations and the Extraordinary General Assemblies, which are called to amend the Statutes and to pass on the admission of new members, must be composed of at least half the members, this can be carried out either by a physical meeting or by webinar.
Decisions are taken by a majority of votes of the delegates present or represented. Decisions modifying the statues or passing on new memberships can only be made by a majority of two thirds of the votes. A delegate may give his written proxy to another delegate to vote for him. The General Assembly must take place at least once a year. The convocation which must contain the agenda is sent by the Secretary to the members one month at least before the day of the meeting.

To finance its activities, Charolais Charbray International receives from each member Herd Book, a yearly fee fixed by the General Assembly. Any member Herd Book not returning a true amount of money by the 31st of January each year, will be suspended from Charolais Charbray International by the Board two months after the summons sent by registered letter.

Member organizations may resign by giving six months notice in writing to the President. The General Assembly may decide by a two third majority vote, the exclusion of any members who do not conform with the Association’s objects or decisions. Members who fail to pay the dues will automatically be given notice after three months of nonpayment.


Charolais Charbray International can only be dissolved by decision of the General Assembly resulting from a two-third vote of the members present or represented and in good standing (memberships have been paid for each and every year). Such an Assembly can only be convened by virtue of a decision of the Board of Directors taken by a majority of three-quarters of the votes.
In the event of dissolution, the remainder, if any, of monies held by Charolais Charbray International is to be affected to another society of the same purpose.
Modifications adopted by General Assembly held in Calgary, July 18, 1999.

That Charbray be recognized as part of Charolais International and have a page on the website inviting their participation. Mexico will compile the regulations for membership in the organization.
The Secretary-Treasurer position was split into two separate roles.
Updates from April 2016 AGM in Guadalajara, Mexico

Statutes of Charolais Charbray International passed unanimously at the Annual General Meeting, in Sweden, July 6, 2018.

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