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Czech Republic

The first imports of pedigree Charolais females to the Czech Republic were realised in 1990, however the first semen for A.I. was imported from France much earlier (ca 1950). In the 90s, a lot of heifers were bought in France and little bit later (1992) also from Canada (polled Charolais). Outstanding meat performance and growth abilities are the main factors why Charolais cattle are such a popular beef breed among Czech breeders. For many years, Charolais has been the most important beef breed in the Czech Republic. Roughly 25 % of all beef cows in the Czech Republic are Charolais or Charcross. Since its introduction, the main tool for genetic progress is artificial insemination with the best proven Charolais sires from France. Selection of Charolais is based mainly on easy calving, hardiness, good mobility, docility, good maternal abilities and excellent meat qualities. In the last decade the polled genetics are getting more and more popular.The system of beef performance recording (especially weighing of calves at age of 120, 210 and 365 days + linear scoring) carried out by independent inspectors of the Czech Beef Breeders Association (ÈSCHMS) is certified by ICAR (International Committee for Animal Recording) and it ensures the maximum objectivity of data collection, following processing and evaluation.

For the all beef breeds, including Charolais, the national system of testing bulls for breeding is carried out at performance test stations. Only the bulls from selected dams and sires can enter the performance test station - bull-calves born from selective mating of sires and dams. The bull as well as his parents must fulfill the criteria of the selection program. Inspectors of the Czech Beef Breeders Association supervise that the bulls are bred and fattened according to the correct testing methods. They also measure and weigh the bulls before they enter the station, during the test and at the end of the test period. At the age of 13 months the test ends and on the basis of performance, breeding values, structure and fulfilment of breed standard, a panel of breeders selects the bulls.

Updated breeding values based on BLUP Animal Model are published four times per year and they are available via our web-site (or Since the beginning, the Czech Republic was also one of the first countries involved in the Interbeef project - international beef evaluation scheme. The Association also maintains the other web applications - e.g. sire database (, performance recording system called webKUMP (, etc.

Detailed information about beef cattle in the Czech Republic is available in the following brochure:

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